Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Few Fun Books I've Read Lately

Hi book loving friends!
I'm at a pretty fortunate place in my reviewing that I can read and review most all the books I want to read.  That means that rarely do I read books that I don't like.  Sometimes my review schedule is so packed that there isn't much time to read all the books that I just can't make room for so I get really excited when I can squeeze in what I call a "for fun" book that I don't have to officially review.  When that happens, reviews are only a few lines and they don't make it to my blog.  They only appear on Goodreads.  If you don't follow me or aren't friends with me on Goodreads, you might miss some of my favorite books!  I thought since I have read a few really fun books this week, I would mention them for you here, just in case.  

First up, Oh, Keep Your Shirt On (Shaped by Love #2)  by Michelle Pennington
Nothing about me is fake...except my boyfriend.
I needed a favor, but I knew what Damien would ask for in return—a date to his cousin's wedding.

But there was no way I'd agree. Facing his match-making mom and scheming ex-girlfriend didn't exactly sound fun. Besides, the less time I spent around him the better.

Already my neighbor and landlord, he was steadily charming his way into my life. Being his friend was tempting enough. What would happen if we pretended to be a couple for a night? No. I had to keep him at arm’s length. At least.

But Tessa had changed my life for the better when she gave me a job, and now she needed help.

Aaaaaand…that was how I ended up fake dating my boss’s fake boyfriend. Who for some reason can’t keep his shirt on.

4.5 stars
I am really craving books right now that have humor and entertain me in a light, happy way. This book provided exactly that. The characters were fun with distinctive personalities. I thought it was fun to see bits of Tessa's story (book one in this series) from a different perspective. I didn't love this book quite as much as the first one but it's close! It was very fun!
This book is the second book in the series and I highly recommend reading the first book if you haven't already.  This series is on KU.

Next book: The Love Notes: A High School Reunion Romance (Forever Home Romance #1) by Jennifer Griffith
A stack of anonymous love notes from a decade ago.
A chance at love.

Software designer and Tansy Taylor has spent the last decade proving she’s not the robotics nerd she used to be in high school. A successful business, a pile of confidence, and a whole new look—she’s shattered any expectations her classmates once held. Why is she so nervous to attend the reunion she’s been organizing?

Oh, yeah. Bridger Carrigan will be there.

And he’s single.

And she’s been carrying both a torch and the secret notes he wrote her ever since high school—notes he didn’t know at the time he was exchanging with the class geek with braces, frizzy hair, and a perpetual chocolate milk mustache.

Seeing him again could go well, considering. Or it could be round two of her crash and burn crush on the star-athlete with the secret wound her encouraging notes were meant to salve. Especially since his ex-girlfriend is newly single and anxious to get her claws back into him.

 * Goodreads * Amazon *

Aw, this story is so sweet, so cute. I loved the notes from high school and how they gave me insight into Tansy and Bridger. They are good humans- the kind you want to be friends with. This is a quick story but a good one.  This book is also on Kindle Unlimited.

And Finally:  Flyboy (Top Flight #3) by Sophia Summers

Colton Bushman is the fastest pilot to have ever flown with the Air Force. He flies with precision, but views rules more as guidelines than hardfast must-do's.

Ivy Hatfield has spent years obeying every rule that ever was, even making up extra for good measure, so that she can overcome her brother's reckless reputation and the mark on her record from a past mishap with her co-pilot.

When Ivy writes a letter of complaint to the Top Flight board, Colton chooses who he assumes must be a fiery, rigid, rule following matron to be on his team. But he soon learns that she is as daring as he ever was. And she learns that his swift action and advanced flying is more calculated than reckless. Will the two who start out as opposites find a way to true and actual love?

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This was a fun distraction! Fighter pilot training, coastal Brazil, waterfalls, dancing, sailing- sounds pretty dreamy, right? The characters were easy to like and their motives were easy to understand. Things stayed pretty light in this book and that suited my mood well today. I know this book is part of a series but it can easily stand on its own.
Content: kissing
This book is on KU too!

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