Monday, October 7, 2019

Snowflakes and Sparks (Old Pine Cove, #1) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

One small town. One hot neighbor. One second chance at love.

The best fake snow decorations in L.A.? Done by me.

About to get a promotion? Also me.

Sent to a sleepy small town right before Christmas to save a bookstore? Unfortunately, me again.

Old Pine Cove was the one place on earth I had sworn I’d never return to. Then my boss asked me to manage one of our bookstores there. I wanted to tell her no way, but that would definitely lower my chances of being promoted once I returned to L.A. So I sucked it up. Besides, it was only supposed to be temporary. What could possibly go wrong?

Gosh, how naïve of me.

Alex Denverton opening the door with that smoldering look of his, that’s what went wrong. It had been ten years since I crashed his truck and made a run for it. And now he was back in my life. How was I supposed to focus on work knowing he was right next door? And why did I ever agree to organize the annual Winter Walk with him?

One thing was certain, though. If I wanted to have a magical Christmas, I couldn’t ask Santa to make it happen. It was up to me to decide: go big or go home.

This is a sweet story of love and second chances.  The classic small town Christmas setting was just as you might imagine it with tradition and busybodies all wrapped up in candy canes and hot chocolate.  Oh!  And don't forget the snow globes!  It's what this town is known for.

I liked Suzie.  She has my dream job of working in a bookstore!  Her worst nightmare comes true when she has to return to the small town she ran from, humiliated, all those years ago.  Poor Suzie.  But, then she gets there and the boy seems to hold no grudges, and only one old lady in the town even cares.  Not so bad after all. 

The story, for me, lacked emotion.  I felt like the characters were likable but nothing really drew me into them.  Alex especially was tepid at best.  The sparks were lacking but the sweetness wasn't.  The story was sweet all the way around.

3/5 stars

Content:  mild swearing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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