Thursday, October 24, 2019

Embracing her Ever After: E is for Engineer (ABC's of Love #6) by Brenna Jacobs

Brilliant engineer Tessa Fuller has the opportunity of a lifetime at work, and all she needs to change the world is a little help from her old college friend, Ethan Bedford.

Ethan can give her five weeks before he’s off to chase his own dreams, and when they meet again for the first time in six years, Tessa realizes the gawky guy she graduated with has grown into a super hot tech genius.

Just as she’s on the verge of a fun, short-term fling to discover once and for all what-might-have-been, her wayward sister drops a baby on her doorstep and disappears, leaving Tessa to take care of the kid.

One huge problem: Tessa doesn’t know a thing about babies. And she doesn’t have time to learn while the clock is running out on her dream project at work.

But Tessa’s team is determined to show her that she’s not alone, and while they might be clueless about babies, they know a thing or two about engineering. As their baby “hacks” and inventions get progressively wilder, Tessa is less and less sure she really can have it all. And the first thing she has to give up is Ethan.

Except Ethan isn’t a quitter. And he’s not about to give up on Tessa, not when the flame that flickered between them in college gets fanned back to life.

Can a team of hilarious engineers, one sweet baby, and a handsome blast from her past open Tessa’s heart to new love and second chances?

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If you haven't read any of the books in this series, you really should- especially if you enjoy light, happy romances.  This book is definitely the funniest of the books so far.  I was entertained by the characters in Tessa's workplace.  They fight over who gets to "wear the baby".  It's so funny.  Maybe it's even more funny to me because I am married to an engineer and so many stereotypes are so true.  

Tessa and Ethan have history.  It makes navigating feelings and a new chapter in their relationship tricky because they aren't who they once were but some of the feelings are the same.  Even though neither one of them wants to own up to them.  Tessa is a stubborn girl!  Her childhood history provides a few bumps in her road with Ethan.  Ethan is a champ though- he really steps up (and aside) when needed.  I loved him.  I also loved that he listened to his mother!  What a good boy.

This was a fun addition to this series and I think my favorite so far!

Content: kissing 

I picked this book up on kindle unlimited.

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