Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Marry Me At Dawn (Romano Family #6) by Lucinda Whitney

To Damian Vaughn, image is everything. As CEO of the family business and heir to a fortune, he lives his life above reproach, not wanting to repeat his father’s mistakes that almost brought the company to ruin.

Gabriela Romano has discovered she’ll never be able to bear children. Distraught and still recovering from surgery, she leaves for an extended vacation in the Azores Islands, far away from her family’s prying eyes and the constant reminders of what she’ll never have.

When social services drop off a baby they say legally belongs to Damian, he knows it’s not true, but the media will be quick to judge if the news leaks. Desperate to avoid a disaster, he takes his lawyer’s drastic suggestion and proposes to Gabriela, a woman he’s just met. She has her own reasons for accepting, and as long as she guards her heart, she’s confident she’ll be fine.

But as sparks start to fly, Gabriela begins to wonder—how can she turn this marriage of convenience into her happily-ever-after?

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I love this Romano Family series by author Lucinda Whitney.  I think this one might be one of my favorites.  (I also might say that every time.)  I just love marriage of convenience romances and this one was so romantically sweet.

Gabriela has just had a devastating change in her life plans.  Coming to terms with the idea of never having children is hard to say the least.  Why wouldn't she jump at the chance to be a mother to a sweet baby girl when the opportunity is practically placed in her arms?  Gabriela is so classy and so gentle.  I loved her devotion to mothering.  It really connected me to her.

I also loved the sparks between Damian and Gabriela.  They were yummy.  Feeling the attraction was never a problem with this book.  That makes me happy because I want to feel the zingies too.  (yes, I'm aware that zingies isn't a real word but it describes what I want to say.)  The story is more than just Damian and Gabriela, it's about Damian trying to find answers about the baby too.  It all just felt happy around my heart.

I picked this book up on KU!

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