Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Windfall App by Teresa Richards + Three Book Giveaway

Marina Berghman is a classical piano prodigy with parents who’ve had her life mapped out since she was in diapers. But their plan leaves no room for her secret love of alternative rock, or Sean, the edgy guitarist who recently moved to town.

When Marina buys a lottery ticket on her eighteenth birthday via the new Windfall app, she expects it to be nothing more than a rite of passage. But she wins—the grand prize of five thousand dollars a day, for life. Suddenly given the means to break free from a life she never felt in control of, she’s quick to cut her family ties and turn her back on everything she knows.

But her lottery win was no lucky break. Her prize comes with strings attached, and Marina soon finds herself at the center of someone else’s life or death game. When she discovers evidence linking her dad to the intrigue, she turns to Sean for help. But he’s harboring secrets of his own.

Now Marina must sort out who to trust and who’s pulling the strings, before her prize turns into a noose.

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What a cute book!  This story was really just easy, breezy fun to read.  I loved the quirky Marina, coming into her own and trying to figure life out.  She is talented and smart but definitely not used to making her own decisions.  Spreading her wings under such unusual and dynamic circumstances (winning the lottery!!) leads to a few big bumps in her road.    Yes, Marina makes some mistakes but I thought she handled herself fairly well all things considered.  Marina is kind and a bit fearless.  I think I loved that about her the most.

What would you do with $5000/day for the rest of your life?  It's crazy to think about, right? 

This book was a little bit teenage drama, a little bit romance and a little bit mystery.  It had moments where the sweetness of a new romance had me sighing happily and moments where my heart was speeding up because DANGER!  It was just a good balance of all the good stuff a young adult novel should be filled with.  It was fun and I really enjoyed reading it.

Content:  underage drinking (party), peril 

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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