Monday, January 8, 2018

Once Hitched Twice Shy (Unlikely Cowgirl) by Kimberly Krey

Mia Reynolds is the host of popular Vlog show, Try My Life, where she tries other folks’ jobs while the camera rolls. So far, each episode has been filmed in Oregon, yet when Mia gets an invitation from her Granddad to try life on his ranch in Montana, she’s ready for roping, riding, and even shoveling piles of muck. What Mia isn’t prepared for is losing her heart to the brooding ranch hand, Hunter Coleman.

Hunter lost big in love when his ex left him for her Hollywood dreams. When Mia Reynolds spends a week on the ranch to film her hit online show, Hunter is sure she’s just another version of his self-centered ex. But all too soon he sees new sides of the fun-loving woman that urge him to toss his wounded heart to the wind and give love another try.

Once the sparks start to fly, Mia's forced to make a difficult choice, one that gives Hunter a bad case of Déjà vu. When the fear of losing another woman to the spotlight becomes too much, Hunter might have to cut his losses before he gets in too deep. The trouble is, he's already in over his head.

It's always a happy day for me when I get to read a new book by Kimberly Krey.  She is a fun author and she knows how to make her characters feel real and perfectly imperfect.

This one filled all my fluffy romantic desires perfectly.  There was plenty of snappy banter and cracklin' attraction.  Hunter is broody and well, twice shy.  But like everyone else, he cannot help but be sucked into Mia's sunshine.  Mia is the kind of person who brings people right into her circle of warmth and happiness.  I loved the Vlog angle and the current vibe it brought to this story.

I did a lot of smiling throughout this book.  It was just what I've come to expect from Kimberly Krey.  No wonder she is one of my favorites!

Content:  Clean, some kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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