Saturday, November 5, 2016

Walk of Infamy (Rhea Jensen #6) by Sheralyn Pratt

Rhea always knew she worked for a powerful men, but she didn’t understand the full scope of their influence until she quit her job—or tried to.

The clandestine group that calls themselves The Fours doesn’t accept two-week’s notice from employees. Instead, they’re demanding Rhea perform a final task of their choosing to earn a life free from their demands.

Rhea knows whatever The Fours ask of her will be unlike any challenge she’s ever faced. She’s prepared for the worst, but what she’s about to learn is that groups like The Fours are a secret for a reason.

Because no one gets to walk away from them. Not even Rhea.

First, I have to note that this book is the sixth and final book in the Rhea Jensen series.  Then I need to tell you that I have not read any of the other books in this series.  That really scared me going into this review because I wasn't sure if it would be able to stand on it's own.  I was worried that because I hadn't read the previous books, I wouldn't be able to understand what was happening.  Even though I haven't read this complete series, I have read other books by Sheralyn Pratt and I have LOVED them.  I really, really wanted to love this book as well.

So, I'm happy to report that the author does a fantastic job of giving me plenty of essential backstory so I had a clear idea of what was happening.  There were obvious moments where I knew so much more had happened before and I was only getting a small bite of previous events but I had enough to feel like I still knew what was going on.  

This book is full on from beginning to end.  I was wound up tight and had to consciously make myself relax.  Sometimes I had to set the book down and do something else before coming back to the story.  It was nuts.  My heart was pumping, my eyes were leaking.  I was all over the spectrum of emotions with this one.  What a crazy ride!

I have read Pimpernel by Sheralyn and this book had a carry over to that book.  The ending left me floundering a bit and now I'm all sorts of wishing I had a next book after Pimpernel.  Is there going to be a next book?  There must be.  There has to be.  No pretty little boxes tied up with bows for this book ending.  I'm so glad I read it though!

Content:  violence, a few instances of swearing, flashback to a rape scene with no intimate details

-I received a copy of this book for free.  A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I'm so glad you liked it!!! I CANNOT wait until Pimpernel #2!

    1. I hear Pimpernel #2 is coming next year so that is very good news!!


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