Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Movie Review: The Christmas Project

Are you looking for a new family film for the holidays?  I've got just the movie for you!  The Christmas Project is full of sibling antics, school bullies, first crushes and of course, an overall message of kindness that will bring the Christmas spirit right into your homes and your hearts.  

I love movies that deliver on the "feel good" and I especially love movies that the whole family can enjoy together- from young to old.  

This movie is perfect for a family fun night.  Pop some popcorn and snuggle in.  Be prepared to smile a lot.  Check out the trailer and links below for more information.



  1. I looking at this one, wondering if I could convince my hubby to sit through it. The kids are all bordering into the teenage years, other than the youngest, and they're mostly okay with big kid movies--but I'm really going to have to check this one out.


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