Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Second Season by Heather Chapman

Eleanor Hopkins has lived in disappointment for far too long believing that her husband only married her for fortune, and she determines to protect her own daughters from such misery by scheming to secure offers for both Lucy and Caroline based on mutual rank and reputation. When Caroline finds that the handsome and reputable Lord Searly desires her as his wife, she finds that no amount of planning or pretending can convince her to accept him. Instead, she is confronted with an unexpected and reluctant suitor in the respectable shoemaker Thomas Clark.

The Second Season is a regency romance with basically three stories happening at the same time.  It includes the three females in one family- a mother and her two daughters.  You start with a look into the past with mother meeting her love and the father of the girls.  It really threw me off when what I began reading wasn't what came next.  When we return to present day, it is with Caroline.  I really wondered why I had just read all that about her mother (but I didn't know it was her mother for a bit).  We have flashbacks all throughout the book and I kind of wish they had been done in character reflection instead of random flashbacks.  It felt disjointed to me and I didn't like it.

Aside from that, I did enjoy the story (stories) presented here.  Caroline takes the center stage in this book, but her sister Lucy and her mother play a large part in things as well.  It is the typical story of finding love when society demands you marry for station and money.

I liked Caroline's self awareness and confidence.  Her verbal sparring with Lord Searly brings some humor to the story and Caroline usually comes out on top.  Lucy is more in the background as far as personality goes, but I did appreciate that these sisters had a good relationship and looked out for each other.

Overall a good, clean regency romance.  No content to disclose.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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