Friday, March 15, 2013

Confessions of a Cereal Mother by Rachel McClellan

In this humorous memoir you’ll discover several mind-saving rules, which include:

- Don’t throw your pregnancy test away before the full three minutes is up.

- Unless there is a rush on the grocery store pending a zombie-virus outbreak, never take your kids shopping.

- If your toddler is going to chew on a Band-Aid, hope it’s one found inside the community swimming pools chlorinated pool and not one found in their locker room.

- Never throw up in a cookie sheet.

- Things can always get worse. You could discover your child playing with a used tampon applicator. It’s not a whistle, sweetie.

- And most importantly, the moment one of your children is seriously ill, forget about everything else. You have the greatest honor in the world – being a Mom.

When I read the blurb for this book I just knew I would love it.  That's because all of those things have been me in some variation or another.  Vomit, poop, tampons, shopping with kids... oh, the stories I could tell.  I feel like if Rachel and I sat down and compared and shared stories, we would be instant friends.  

Well, except that I've never thrown up in a cookie sheet.  She gets the gold star for that one.  :)  Oh, and the whole strip down and jump on the couch thing?  Another gold star for Rachel.

If you are a mother you are going to relate to this book.  Life with kids can be insane.  Draining.  Emotional.  Disgusting.  Hard.  Stressful.  Funny.  Sweet.

I love how this book starts off so funny.  I was literally simultaneously laughing and gagging in disgust.  Reliving my own memories, I guess.

Then I am brought to another place where I relate to the angry monster mom who sometimes (more often than I want it to) comes out.  

And then I am taken to the place where everything changes because my child is in a place where life is no longer taken for granted.  Hospitals, MRI's, needles (so many needles) and a very sad baby that is hurting and I am left helpless.  Yup.  I've been there.  I still have to go there on occasion and it always hurts.  

But, that's what being a mom is.  Right?  I wouldn't trade it.  (well, in this minute I wouldn't trade it.  Wait until the kids come home from school and I might change my mind.)

This book is so easy to read and so easy to relate to.  It sure is nice to know I'm not alone in the craziness that is motherhood.  Thanks Rachel for letting me read and review your book.  I loved it.

You can find Confessions of a Cereal Mother at Amazon in print or e-book.

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