Monday, March 25, 2013

Home to Montana by Charlotte Carter

Staying in one place was never Nick Carbini's plan. When his troubled past leads him to Bear Lake, Montana, single mom Alisa Machak makes him consider putting down roots. Alisa doesn't have a problem letting Nick work in her diner, but when he starts edging his way into her heart, she has to draw the line. He reminds her too much of her son's father, another drifter who abandoned them both. Nick wishes he could be there for them, but believes he's not fit to be a husband. When his worst fears come true one night, it's up to Alisa to show him the perfect recipe for a forever romance.

If you love romance but like it more on the sweet side than the hot side, the Love Inspired romances by Harlequin will be perfect for you.  Romantic and sweet is exactly how I like them.  I want to feel the tension and I love the sizzle kissing.  When I'm in the mood for a good romance, Love Inspired is where I go.

Home to Montana was a great story of two people trying to deal with the past and wanting better for their future.  Nick is a war vet.  He's dealing with some PTSD on top of a rough childhood.  His heart is good and he knows how to work hard.  

Alisa has loved before.  Then she was left with a son to raise on her own.  She guards her heart and her son carefully.  Trusting is hard and trusting Nick is even harder.

This is a heart warming story and I was happy reading it.  It is what I like to call brain candy.  There isn't a lot of deep thinking or intense action just a simple love story that will take you away for a little while and leave you feeling good.  

My thanks to Harlequin for allowing me to read and review this book.  

You can purchase Home to Montana at Amazon.

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  1. The cover is great, familiar. And have something about a couple that by this time are married. But don't catches my attention.


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