Friday, March 1, 2013

Everyting You Need to Know about Girls Camp: The Essential Planning Guide for Leaders by Stephanie Worlton

Few callings strike fear into a woman’s heart like that of being a Girls Camp leader. Whether you’re a new camper or a seasoned leader, Stephanie Worlton is here to help. 

Make your Girls Camp an experience to remember with Everything You Need to Know about Girls Camp. Filled with helpful tips on everything from holding your first meeting to dealing with unhappy campers, this essential guide takes the stress out of planning to make your camp a success!

This book is specifically intended for members of the LDS faith who participate in the yearly tradition known as girls camp.  This is where adult leaders plan a summer camp for girls between the ages of 12 and 17.  This camp usually lasts 5-6 days and is full of not only camping and adventure activities but also service and spiritual activities intended to build young women up and give them camaraderie and confidence.

Speaking strictly by personal experience, Girls Camp is definitely a job that strikes fear into my heart!  It's such a huge undertaking.  I've been to many different girls camps over the years in many different places.  I've never been in charge of the whole shabang though ~ only in charge of smaller things within.  Thank Goodness.  But now I know, if I am ever put in charge (please, please, no) that I have the most excellent resource available to me, (aside from having Stephanie Worlton herself) and that is this book!

This book takes you from the very, very beginning of planning and thinking all the way through to the end.  It will give you advice that only a seasoned, experienced girls camp leader can give.  It's like a treasure trove of good ideas, tips, songs and RECIPES!  

If you or someone you know is the new Camp Director and the freaking out has commenced, here is the answer to the madness that has enveloped the mind:  Everything You Need to Know about Girls Camp.  :)

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Enter to Win: 

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Stephanie Connelley Worlton lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains where she enjoys frequent opportunities to observe nature and appreciate God’s magnificent creations. She is a seasoned Camp Director, an avid Scouter, and a devoted youth leader. Aside from the busy schedule she keeps as a wife and mother of four, Stephanie enjoys organizing, interior design, gardening, carpentry, painting, and being involved with the youth of our rising generation. To learn more about Stephanie or her book, visit her “Kreating Krazy” blog:

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