Monday, August 8, 2022

A Tenuous Betrothal (Royal Regency #3) by Jen Geigle Johnson


Rhianna Davies is well-acquainted with heartache after the painful loss of her parents. At the arrival of her ghastly uncle, she is brought even lower: Rhi has been banished from her family’s estate home and must rely on the kindness of her tightly knit Welsh miners for help. Without the protective love of her parents, Rhi has no illusions that hers will be a happy ending—until an addendum to her father’s will arrives in the hands of a prince.

Marc Wilhelm, Prince of Oldenburg, is in Wales with one purpose: to claim his betrothed. A long-ago promise between their fathers forges an indelible link between Rhi and Marc, but there remains just one problem: neither wants to marry a stranger. With no remaining ties to Wales, Rhi agrees to accompany Marc to Oldenburg, where he will forfeit their betrothal so she may have her pick of husbands. But their journey takes them down unexpected paths, from the depths of a Welsh mine to the marriage mart of London to a warm reception in Oldenburg. Rhi and Marc discover that their connection and their challenges run deeper than either anticipated, but whether from their own hesitations or from danger that threatens without, the couple might be thwarted before they can even begin the happily ever after they so richly deserve.

Dear Marc, Prince of Oldenburg,

Have you ever seen The Little Mermaid?  Because there is a song in that show that was on loop in my head as I read your story.  "Yes, you want her.  Look at her, you know you do.  It's possible she wants you too, there is one way to ask her. . . and you don't know why but you're dying to try, you want to kiss the girl."   I felt like Sebastian in your story.

Kiss the girl!!  I get why you held back, well actually, I don't.  I get why YOU think you should've held back, but I don't get it.  Anyone who looks at you two can see clearly that you are meant to be together.  It's all there.  She is beautiful, inside and out.  She is smart, loyal, kind and brave.  Seriously?!  What were you doing?  KISS THE GIRL.

I will say that I admire your kindness.  Rhianna really needed someone to step in and help her and you did it, perfectly.  I loved how you listened to her and respected what she said and what she wanted.  Yes, your loyalty to your country is admirable too.  It is.  It's just, . . . Rhianna.   But you eventually got there.  It took quite the event to get you there, but hallelujah, you got there.  You are so lucky you didn't lose your girl to one of your brothers.

Oh, and one other little thing.  Now that we are such tight friends, I wondered if I could visit your castle?  I promise I won't get in your way at all.  I'll just find a little spot, overlooking the water with a cozy chair and a book.  You won't even know I am there. 

Give my best, kindest regards to Rhi.  She is amazing.

Yours sincerely,

Aimee, queen of nothing but a fan of your story and your beautiful book cover.  💙

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