Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson

Rachel Vinson is a bridesmaid for hire: part confidante, part wedding planner, and one hundred percent pretend BFF. Discretion guaranteed. Her next gig is a destination wedding—livestreamed and sponsored—for an Instagram influencer. That means a paradise of new contacts, which could be a boon to her already booming business. If Rachel can keep the very handsome and slightly too interested best man at bay, that is.

High-tech entrepreneur Camden Lewis must know: Who is this gorgeous, intelligent, and mysterious woman? Too good to be real. Convinced she’s a corporate spy out to tank his company, Camden’s not letting her out of his sight. But the constant surveillance is also opening his eyes to things about Rachel that he likes. If she’s a spy, she’s certainly the cutest one he’s ever seen.

As the week’s worth of wedding events march along, Rachel and Camden are learning almost everything there is to know about each other. Rachel’s made a career out of always a bridesmaid…but perhaps there’s a chance for her own trip down the aisle? 

I always feel so lucky when I get to read a book by Sariah Wilson.  Especially when I get an early copy!  I know that I am going to get a book with fantastic characters and plenty of humor and romance.  Her books always hit my sweet spot!
This book has such a great set up.  First, tropical location.  Yes.  I was wishing all the way through that I was there too.  Second, Rachel has a top secret job: paid bridesmaid.  It sure makes it difficult when the hot best man is flirting with you but also has his spidey senses going off.  Because, yeah.  Something IS going on but Rachel can't tell him.  See?  It's a great set up and such a unique job for Rachel.  It all felt very fresh.
There was great build up with the characters and great chemistry too.  The flirting was fun and it made me smile.   Also, the kissing.  Oh!  And the ending.  <swoon>  So good.  What a lovely diversion.
- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own. 

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