Monday, January 24, 2022

The Valentine Inn by Jennifer Peel


I, Charlotte Valentine, am mostly of sound mind. Typically, I make really good choices. I mean I went to college, never did drugs . . . I even brush and floss every day. That’s not to say I don’t make poor decisions—believe me, I do. They always seem to involve men—everything from gluing my eye shut (don’t ask) to falling in love with my boss. Did I mention he was famous? Oh, Drake Foster, you beautiful creature, you. My sister told me not to accept the position as his personal assistant. Apparently, she thinks it’s emotionally unhealthy for me to work for the object of my desire. What does she know?

Well, she knew enough to tell me not to go on a little jaunt with him through a blizzard. She was definitely against us sharing the only room left at the coziest inn ever. And what happened after that she was adamant should have never happened. But, hey, it all worked out. I got the inn and the cutest kid ever. Unfortunately, Drake has no idea about either one—he really should answer his phone more—until, that is, he decides to take a trip down memory lane and shows up at my beloved inn. Let’s just say he’s surprised. But he’s not the only one. Who knew our connection would be just as strong as it always was and that all this time, I’ve haunted him as much as he’s haunted me? But this time, will love come to stay, or is it checking out for good? 

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 Jennifer Peel book days are the BEST days.  There is just something about the way this author writes characters and stories that makes me feel like I'm there too.  I'm invested, I'm interested and I feel the emotions.  This book found me on a sad day and it wrapped around my heart in the best way.  

Charlotte is my favorite.  Drake was awesome too (he has the best one liners) but Charlotte.  I connected with her. She made me smile so many times and smiling always feels good.  She loves her boy, she's devoted to her new business project and she believes in love and maybe magic too.  "Miracles are magic brought to life."  Honestly, I want to be her friend. 

I loved this story, beginning to end.  It was such a happy escape.  I'm ready to read it again right now!

This book is on Kindle Unlimited if you have that!

Content:  kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book but have since bought my own copy.

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