Friday, November 1, 2019

Heart Thief (Love Under Wraps Book 1) by Taylor Dean

I was warned about him. I should've listened. But I didn't.
Of course, I also thought Ryker Martel was about to propose.

He didn't.

I was ready to say yes.

He was ready to wait a little longer.

Now he's out of the country on an extended business trip and I'm staying in his penthouse apartment with seeds of disillusionment taking over my soul.

Ryker reminded me that his estranged brother might show up out of the blue at his penthouse. He told me to let him know right away if he did. He'd take care of it.

His brother is bad news. The rebel, the black sheep of the family.

"Don't trust him," Ryker said. "Stay as far away from him as possible. He's a thief, a snake."

Warning duly noted.

And ignored.

I considered myself equipped to handle whatever was thrown my way. I was wrong.

Nothing prepared me for Zane and the havoc he would wreak in my life--and in my heart. He turned me upside down and knocked me sideways.

Falling for the other brother is never a good idea. Keeping it a secret, even worse.

Especially when he proves to be the thief he was purported to be.

My heart will never be mine again and I want it back.

But it has been stolen and I'll never be the same.


This book is yet another reason I adore Taylor Dean.  Honestly, I just LOVE her books.  They make me feel things and that is ALWAYS what I'm looking for as a reader.  The characters feel real- like they could be me or someone I know.  It's that familiarity that Taylor Dean excels at.  I will tell anyone who will listen that Taylor Dean is one of my favorites.  I was hooked from my very first book, years ago, (I Have People) and from there I binged on every book she had written.  Then I stalked her, I mean followed her, and I've never looked back.

Do you know that song, Stolen by Dashboard Confessional?  🎵 You have stolen my heart🎶 ?  That was the song playing through my head for half of this book.  Mila's heart is definitely put through the ringer in this book because life is not easy.  Bad things happen to good people.  Life can get overwhelming and sometimes, sad.  Mila feels the high of highs and the low of lows.  See?  Real.

There are so many things I loved about this book. The San Francisco setting!  Mila's love for music and piano playing.  Sparks!!  (vs. no sparks and the very real distinction in this book)  I loved the conclusion and the epilogue.  It made me utterly happy and content.

Oh!  And one more comment about this book cover.  I loved it before I read the book but then, after reading this book,  oh my perfection.  This cover is an absolute PERFECT snapshot of a scene from this book.  😍💙!!

No matter what kind of day you are having today- good or bad- my advice is to pick up this book and enjoy the journey it will take you on.  You won't be sorry.  This book is on KU if you have that!  Happy reading!

Content:  kissing, depression

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review, Aimee. I have to admit that after I am done here I will be looking up the song, Stolen by Dashboard Confessional!! I’m super curious to hear it now. Thanks again for reading and reviewing for me and for your constant love and support for me and my books. It means the world to me! Thank you! ❤️


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