Friday, November 8, 2019

Catch a Falling Star: Hudson Brothers Romance (The Royal Palm Resort Book 4) by Cindy Roland Anderson

She dreams of happily ever after. He doesn’t believe in love. What happens if their hearts belong together?

Londyn Montgomery has had enough of doing what her parents want, especially when they’re determined to marry her to a man who isn’t faithful to her. She decides to run away, hoping to find out who she is and what she wants out of life. In her desire to escape a life of being controlled, she speeds straight past Sheriff Owen Hudson and narrowly avoids a ticket. She vows to stay off his radar, but destiny has other ideas, placing Owen and Londyn on a path that leads straight to a future neither one of them planned for.

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I'm doing the HAPPY, happy dance because YAY!!  Cindy Roland Anderson finally gave me a new book to read!!  I feel like I've been waiting forever.  I haven't really, but it feels that way.  I just love her books and how they fall right in my sweet spot for contemporary romance.

Londyn and Owen have a fun first meet!  Well, maybe not fun for them, but fun for me to read about.  Their second meet might just top the first one!  haha!  From there the attraction grows and they sure fan the flames of that attraction by being in such close proximity to each other!  Londyn is kind and tries so hard to be accepted by those around her.  She absorbs the tenderness, kindness and love she is offered like a sponge.  Owen is determined to keep things from getting serious but he just cannot help himself.  He is drawn to Londyn and cannot look away.  I loved it all.  😍

This book has a fantastic cast of characters and I cannot wait to see them in future books.  The stage is set for the next Hudson brother and I hope I don't have to wait too long to read it!

Content:  kissing

I picked this book up on kindle unlimited.

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