Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Monumental Love (Timeless Romance Single) by Susan Aylworth

Roxelle McCann is eager to meet the family of her best friend, so she takes a mini-vacation to the Navajo Nation. Roxelle expects to find out more about Navajo language and customs and to be awed by the beauty of Monument Valley. She does not expect to find love among the monuments. The man she meets offers both a surprising possible future and a tender reminder of the past.

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I loved the setting for this book and I would love to go explore all the places it mentioned.  I lived in Arizona for years and I'm sad I didn't get to Monument Valley while I lived there.  It really sounds beautiful.

This was a quick read, novella in length.  I didn't feel a real connection with the characters, emotionally or otherwise.  It all felt a bit surface and lacked dynamics.  I didn't like Kyra at all.  I didn't think she was a very good friend.  The romance had no sparks but if you are looking for gentle and sweet, this might be a good book for you.

This book did leave me with a hankering for fry bread though and includes a recipe for it at the end of the book.  Yum.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.
About the author:

Susan Aylworth loves books, poems, plays, words in almost all polite forms, and good raspberry jam. Her first book, started when she was nine, "was a rip-off of Black Beauty. I wrote eight whole pages." For her fifth grade career day, she stated her ambition to become "a rich and famous author." Decades later, she is pleased to have achieved the 'author' part of that goal.

A former university professor, she enjoys researching backgrounds and careers for her novels. "It's one way to live many lives all at once." Servant to two spoiled cats, she lives in northern California with her writer husband, Roger. She wishes the kids would visit more often.

Susan loves "travel, great music, and hearing from readers." Reach her at susan.aylworth.author@gmail.com, post on her wall at: www.facebook.com/Susan.Aylworth.Author or follow her @SusanAylworth. "If you enjoy my books, please tell everyone you know: friends, relatives, neighbors, the person who delivers your mail, people you meet in line in the grocery store, everyone!" She welcomes ideas for new books and characters.

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