Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Unforgettable by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen + $25 and Book Giveaway!

Haley has always admired her strong-willed great-grandmother Grisa. The woman survived the disappearance of her husband and thrived after her immigration to America at the beginning of World War II. But when a shocking telephone call from a detective in Germany turns Haley's life upside down in an instant, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her heritage.

The body of Ulrich Krauss has been found, and the renowned toymaker and artist has a shocking connection to Haley: he is her great-grandfather—not missing but murdered. Now, at the request of her ailing great-grandmother, Haley travels to Germany to seek answers. What she finds instead are more questions and a growing sense of danger dogging her every step. Protection appears in the form of Joshua, an attractive man from Haley's past who is in Germany on business.
Together the pair embarks on an emotional quest for the truth, only to discover that a generations-old plot is very much alive, and there are those as determined as ever to keep the facts surrounding Ulrich's death hidden—even if it means silencing his great-granddaughter for good.

This is a mystery, light suspense novel.  There really isn't much romance, just a growing friendship that turns into more the last couple pages.  The whole book covers just a handful of days so it makes sense.

I thought the concept of this book was good, the plot was interesting.  I love how it started off giving us most of the information while the characters worked through the muddy stuff.  😀  I almost wish I could have had more of the historical stuff, more about Ulrich from his point of view like we did in the beginning.  He was such an interesting character to me and the one I had the most attachment to.

The story was a bit slow for me.  The suspense wasn't especially gripping where I felt the need to keep turning pages in desperation.  I didn't have a real emotional connection to the main character except to appreciate her devotion to her great grandmother.  I could sense her kindness but I wasn't emotionally drawn to her.  Even though this wasn't my favorite book by this author, I will be coming back for more because I love her mystery/suspense angle and how she keeps things clean!  3/5 stars

Content:  mild violence, peril, death

- I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I felt the same way -- since we already knew "whodunit" the book wasn't very suspenseful. I also didn't feel a lot of connection to the main characters. They were nice enough, but they just weren't developed enough to really feel real.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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