Monday, June 27, 2016

Fresh Starts: Bree's Story (Second Chances #3) by Kimberly Krey

Bree has had her fair share of difficulties. The loss of her parents, a not-so-recent divorce, and the disruption of her life caused by a stalker now who’s serving jail time. When the determined criminal finishes his sentence, Bree is sent into hiding. And while she’s doing all she can to steer clear of this frightening piece of her past, an old acquaintance enters the scene, determined to be part of her future.

I love reading Kimberly Krey books!  She knows how to write chemistry and sizzle without crossing the lines of comfort for me.  I've been waiting for this book- to finally see Bree's story come to life.  It's always a happy day when I get a new book from Kimberly!

This is the third book in the Second Chance series.  I don't think you have to read them in order as they can stand alone, but you will have a better understanding of the secondary characters and references to them if you have read the previous books in order.

Greyson was awesome.  He is strong and smart and determined to keep Bree safe.  Because Greyson and Bree knew each other from high school there was already a thread of knowing between them.  Probably more on Greyson's end as he definitely had a crush on Bree way back when and he is now seeing her in a new light but with the added responsibility of keeping her safe.  I loved how Greyson tried to understand Bree's personality and give her what she needed in order to feel independent and safe.  He is so attentive to her and that is very attractive.  

The apple orchard was the perfect, beautiful setting for growing love and attraction.  It was fairly isolated, with hours and hours of working alongside of each other.  There are sparks that lead to a growing attraction and love.  It all felt natural and good.  I loved the added element of the stalker and the tension and bit of suspense it added to the book.  This was so diverting and fun!  I loved it.  

Content:  some mild swearing, kissing

* I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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