Thursday, June 30, 2016

Four Chambers (Power of the Matchmaker) by Julie Wright

Every time Andra Stone crosses paths with Everett Covington, trouble follows. First she loses her scholarship. Then she loses the apartment she’d wanted more than anything. But tragedy hits hardest when she loses her grandmother—the best friend Andra has ever known. She determines that Everett is a talisman of ill fortune. When Everett comes to work in her hospital and is applying for the same position she’d been working toward since residency, Andra believes him to be her personal poltergeist.

The human heart has four chambers—four chances to get it right. Andra has only one chance left.

There were so many little things I loved about this book.  First, I love the cover.  Second, I love that each page inside the printed book has squiggles and then a heart around the page number.  I loved the proverbs at the beginning of each new section of which there were four after the four chambers of the heart.  For me, it was these little things that made me smile and fall in love with the whole of this book.

This book is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series, but can stand alone easily.  Each book in this series is written by a different author with one minor character, Pearl, included in all the books.  Pearl's story is the prelude to this series and I would recommend reading it prior to any books in this series.  I have loved all the books in this series so far.  I have two more sitting on my kindle waiting for me which is something to look forward to!

This book was such a journey.  The span of time from beginning to end is years- over a decade.  Andra and Everett are an on again, off again kind of couple.  They are drawn to each other and fall in love but usually Andra puts an end to it for one reason or another.  Actually, she usually just runs away.  Sometimes Andra was just frustrating and I wanted to shake her but then those endearing moments popped up and I knew I couldn't stay annoyed for too long.  

I was drawn into this book immediately and putting it down was difficult.  Because of the on again, off again nature of this book, I was almost desperate to get to the end to see if and how they finally came together.  There was a definite pull to the story and the characters and I really loved it!

Content:  Clean!

* I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  I also bought a physical copy of this book which is actually the one I read.

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