Monday, February 17, 2014

Fire on Ice by Jeremy C. Holm

The thrill of bobsledding combines with spiritual insight in this inspiring book by Jeremy C. Holm. Through sharing his unforgettable experiences as a bobsledder and coach, his message will broaden and enlighten your understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Bobsledders are thrill-seeking lunatics. I mean, who in their right mind throws themselves down an icy chute at faster-than-freeway speeds in a fiberglass or carbon fiber sled?

Racing down an icy track at 80 miles per hour makes you think of many things. Jeremy C. Holm thought of God. While racing professionally as a bobsled pilot, he learned valuable lessons that transformed his bobsledding experience from something worldly into a journey of faith in God.

Now as a head coach, Jeremy shares his personal experiences from a competitive life on the ice and the spiritual fire he gained while coping with the temptations and trials of life.

This message of faith and personal courage will inspire you to come closer to Jesus Christ and reach for eternal life."

I really enjoy reading books about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Professional athletes are interesting- and bobsledders?  Especially interesting.  The Olympics are on right now so my fascination with all things winter sports related is especially high.  I am going to watch the bobsledders this next week and I'm going to be remembering some of the cool lessons I learned from this book.

Fire on Ice is an LDS based religious inspirational book.  Author Jeremy Holm has taken his years of experience as a professional athlete and coach and related it to things of a spiritual nature.  Not only was it cool to learn more about the sport of bobsledding, it was cool to see how Jeremy took his knowledge of bobsledding and the gospel and weaved them together.  There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in this book.

Some of the chapter headings are:
Hope:  The Substance of Gold Medals Unseen
Talk to the Coach; There's No Data Limit on Prayer
Disobedience Leaves Us to Compete Alone
Trials are Training Camps for the Eternities
Your Team Believes in You

There are A LOT of chapters in this book.  The book is pretty thick and it wasn't one I could sit down and read all the way through.  Some of the ideas were a bit repetitive and I thought they could have been combined and condensed into less but overall this was a good read with important reminders of what we are trying to accomplish here on this earth.  The cross over between gospel themes and sports really helped this book move along.  There are a few pages of pictures in the middle which brought a lot of the personal experiences in the book to life.

My thanks to Cedar Fort for allowing me to read and review this book for them.  You can purchase this book at Cedar Fort and Amazon.

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