Monday, September 9, 2013

PDF (Pretty Darn Funny) Episode 4, "Basket Case"

It must be Monday because I have another episode of PDF to share with you.  The whole reason these videos are so funny is because they take situations we can relate to and exaggerate them (well, maybe not SO much exaggeration...).

This episode made me laugh from the beginning when mom puts on her dickey to take the kids to school so nobody will notice she is still in her pajamas (probably with no bra on).  Why is that so funny?  Because well, I don't know.  The moms in my neighborhood (including me on a lot of days) are experts at the PJ drop.  We all have stories of our cars breaking down, having to get out to help our kids, getting pulled over by a cop and yet we keep doing it.  I'm pretty sure if someone would market that dickey over the PJ thing they would make a killing.  At least in my neighborhood.  HA!

So, check it out.  Have a smile and a laugh to start your morning.  Make it a great week!

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