Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Stormy Knight by Amy Mullen

In twelfth century England, Gemma de Vere and Nicholas de Reymes find love at a young age. Too naïve to truly understand what is happening, their fledgling relationship is torn apart by political games and scheming minds. Nicholas and his family disappear into the night and Gemma is left with a shattered heart.

Seven years later, Gemma still harbors a broken heart, and retreats into a life in which she will not be foolish enough to fall in love again. Mysterious deaths and accidents begin to plague those living within the walls of Blackstone Castle, and her father falls ill. She has no choice but to seek the assistance of King Henry.

Help arrives in the form of her childhood love, the handsome and imposing Nicholas, who is now a fierce and loyal knight bent on revenge. The pain and anguish he feels over the fate of his family casts Gemma as his enemy. To him, she represents all the misfortune in his life as he tries to keep her at arm’s length and far away from his heart.

Their journey towards truth is riddled with treachery and danger from an unlikely source. Will they find their way back to each other, or will his need for revenge out-weigh the love he feels in her arms?

Let me just say that this book delivers in the angst and romantic tension department.  It's all about two people, full of misunderstanding, struggling with the attraction and love they feel because they have both been hurt.  I really enjoyed the back and forth pull between the characters.

This was a book I didn't want to stop reading.  It just pulled me forward and I wanted to see everything work out for Gemma and Nicholas.  It had mystery, intrigue and danger.  Lots of very good elements that make up great stories.  I didn't even know who to trust!  

I'm a sucker for castles and knights.  I love the old England settings.  This book had all of that.  <sigh>

I will say that this walked right on the border of clean for me.  There were some intimate scenes and passionate kissing, yes, between a married couple, but still getting a bit heated. There is an attempted rape scene as well that gets a little detailed.   Just as an FYI in case you are bothered by that.

 You can pick up A Stormy Knight on Amazon for just $2.99!

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