Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Turning Tides by Derrolyn Anderson

From Goodreads:  Marina has been through a lot in the past year; she knows what she wants, and she decides to take matters into her own hands to get it. When a twist of fate takes her away from Aptos, she returns to find that her whole world has changed once again. A fortune teller’s ominous prediction seems to be coming true, people around her aren’t who they appear to be, and to top it all off, she’s being followed again.

Marina and Ethan only want to be together, but find they are being torn apart by their very natures. Can they overcome a final obstacle to build the future they dream of?

Right here and now I'm going to give a huge sigh of relief.  PHEWWWWWWWW!  That is what happens when you finally get to the end of a series you have been waiting for.  It's over.  Am I glad?  Am I sad?  Yes and yes.

Marina has been on quite the journey.  Poor Ethan has been through the wringer.  I was so ready to snuggle down with the 4th book in Marina's Tales and find the last chapter, the resolution.  So, for that I was glad.

But how sad it is to come to the end of the road with characters you've become attached to, right?  I had to say goodbye to Ethan.  Oh, and Marina.  Right.  :)

The Turning Tide was a great book to end on.  I loved the tension and the bit of action there at the end.  Very nice.  I felt so satisfied in the end, like everyone was where they were supposed to be.  Happily Ever After.  It made me happy.

Derrolyn has been so kind to send me her books to read and review.  She is so generous and I wish her much success with her writing.  If you love romance and a bit of the paranormal (mermaids especially) you will want to pick up these books.  You can start with book one, Between the Land and the Sea, which is only .99 cents on Amazon right now.  Or, if you are ready for The Turning Tides, you can find it here for just $2.99.

Content:  There is some mild swearing.  There is also implied sex between unmarried teenagers.

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  1. I'm glad to hear it's a satisfying end to the series. I have a copy to read, and I know I need to get to it, if only for the resolution.


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