Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: The Trove of the Passion Room

“The Trove of the Passion Room is not simply a story. Nor is it only a fable, a legend or mere nonsensical superstition. It exists. There is a trove hidden in The Passion Room…a trove that has never before in its fullness been found—for it is hidden by the spell of passion that lingers within the room itself. The passion inspired of the room cannot be denied. It cannot be controlled or resisted. And as the influence of The Passion Room cannot be evaded, neither can the trove be revealed without absolute and consummate surrender to...” She paused as her eyes widened. “What?” she breathed. “No way!”  (from Goodreads)

I finally, FINALLY received my copy of this book in the mail.  I have been waiting forever to get it.  I ordered it way back in April or May but due to some printing issues, I guess, it got pushed back and pushed back.  I got it in the mail on Tuesday and had it read by Wednesday morning.

If you have never read a Marcia McClure book, you should know that this is a woman who can write a kissing scene like no other.  I swear I just about swoon every time I read a book by her.  This book was no different, but I did have to wait all the way to page 212 to get that swoon worthy kiss.  212!?  Man it was like waiting for Christmas starting from Valentines Day.

While this wasn't my favorite MLM book, it was good and the story with the grandma was sweet.  The names for the characters alone was entertaining.... Elisaveta, Sharlamagne, Maxim (which is a name I actually love).  I love how Marcia writes quirky things about her characters that endear you to them.

Here is a part of one of those notorious kissing scenes:

"Sharlamagne slowly drew his head towards hers once more, kissing his lower lip in a lingering, teasing manner.  He allowed her to toy with him for a moment, though she felt his hands leave the bedpost and slide to her waist once more.  His touch was irresistible, and she slowly pressed a moist kiss to his mouth.

'Kiss me', she breathed against his lips, and she felt him smile as his mouth melded to hers with a renewed enthusiasm.

Maxim's blood was literally boiling!  he wanted her like he'd never wanted anything in all his life.  The physical effect she was having on him was almost unbearably taunting.  Her kisses provoked a hunger in him he wasn't so sure he could deny, and taking her by the waist, he quickly lifted her, sweeping her feet out from under her so that she toppled back onto the soft, red comforter on the bed.  ...He crushed his lips to hers once more, grinding such an impassioned kiss against her tender mouth as to render her entirely breathless."

Um, yeah.  That's just a taste of it.  A very enjoyable read.  :)

There was some mild swearing and of course, some toasty make out sessions.

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