Monday, September 5, 2011

Review: Rip Tide by Kat Falls

(from Goodreads)
Return to the subsea frontier with Ty and Gemma! The mysteries of the deep are deadlier than ever when Ty, with time running out for his parents, leads the two teenagers to the underwater underworld...and into an alliance with the outlaws of the Seablite Gang. But one mystery soon leads to another. How has an entire township disappeared? Why is the local sealife suddenly so aggressive? And can the Seablite Gang be trusted...or are Ty and Gemma in deeper water than they realize?

After recently reading Dark Life, the first book in this series by Kat Falls, I was really looking forward to reading Rip Tide.  I love the whole concept of these dypstopian books, set under the water as people are forced to pioneer a new life when the land begins disappearing and water rises.  

Honestly, I'd be scared to death to live underwater!  Maybe that's what makes these books so fascinating to me.  A lot more of this book takes place on land though and deals with the rough and shady characters at the water's edge.  

Ty is desperate to find his parents who have been abducted.  I guess that sort of desperation leads you to do all kinds of crazy things because I'm telling you, that kid is nuts.  The situations he jumps into are made up of your worst nightmares.  Shark attacks, wild salt water crocodile attacks, freezing to death underwater, drowning, being stung and eaten by Diablo Rojo (the red devil), bare hand fighting until someone falls in the water full of blood sucking eels...  I'm telling you- EEEWWW!!!

One of the things I really appreciate is that this book is free of the swearing that appears in so many books.  It is also low on the romance, with only a couple sweet kisses near the end of the book making this book more appropriate for the younger tween readers.

I really enjoyed this book!  

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  1. I don't think I've seen this book around. I have a thing for dystopian books, so thanks for the review.


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