Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Return to Satterthwaite Court (Somerset Stories #3) by Mimi Matthews


A reckless Victorian heiress sets her sights on a dashing ex-naval lieutenant, determined to win his heart as the two of them embark on a quest to solve a decades-old mystery in USA Today bestselling author Mimi Matthews’s sequel to her critically acclaimed novels The Work of Art and Gentleman Jim.

Lieutenant Charles Heywood has had his fill of adventure. Battle-weary and disillusioned, he returns to England, resolved to settle down to a quiet, uneventful life on an estate of his own. But arranging to purchase the property he desires is more difficult than Charles ever imagined. The place is mired in secrets, some of which may prove deadly. If he’s going to unravel them, he’ll need the assistance of someone as daring as he is.

At only twenty, Lady Katherine Beresford has already earned a scandalous reputation. As skilled with pistols as she is on horseback, she’s never met an obstacle she can’t surmount—or a man she can’t win. That is, until she encounters the infuriatingly somber Lieutenant Heywood. But Kate refuses to be deterred by the raven-haired soldier’s strong, silent facade. After all, faint heart never won handsome gentleman.

From the wilds of rural Somersetshire to the glittering ballrooms of early-Victorian London, Charles and Kate embark on a cross-country quest to solve a decades’ old mystery. Will the greatest danger be to their hearts—or to their lives?

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Author Mimi Matthews has done it once again.  Of course she has.  At this point I would expect nothing less.  What a gifted author writing in this regency genre.  Her ability to weave stories with characters of depth and connect me to it all, is amazing.  

This book was absolutely everything I hoped it would be when it was announced.  The second generation characters brought me back to the people and places I loved in previous books.  Honestly, you really should read the to previous books (The Work of Art and Gentleman Jim) before reading this one.  I wouldn't say you HAVE to but it will deepen your connections and make the story richer if you do.

I adored Lady Katherine.  She was so bold while still maintaining poise and kindness.  It was sort of one and done once she encountered Charles.  She pursued him, so determined to catch his attention and devotion.  I just have to love a woman from any generation that knows who she is and what she wants.

Of course Charles is amazing too.  His soft heart for family and animals tops the list of his charming qualities.  It takes him a little bit longer to settle into the idea of forever with Kate but he gets there.  I loved how once he was in, there was no going back. 

There is a bit of intrigue, wrongs of the past that need to be put right, secrets and of course, growing love.  I was invested from beginning to end.  Love, love, love.

This title will be released on April 11th.  You can pre-order now.

Content:  mild peril, kissing

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