Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Winter Kisses At The Homestead Inn (Billionaires in Hiding #4) by Kimberly Krey



There has been one happy ending after the next at The Homestead Inn, but two of the Duran brothers, Maverick and Emmitt, are still looking for love. Find out who's next in line to find the love of their lives.

Emmitt’s about to fall for a private investigator and he doesn’t even know it.
Sloane is going to fall for him too, just before she learns that she’s working for the wrong side.

The suspense is kicking up in Winter Kisses at The Homestead Inn.

*** This series is best read in order. ***

Billionaires In Hiding Series includes:
1. Springtime Love at The Homestead Inn: Country Boy & City Girl
2. Summer Nights at The Homestead Inn: While He Was Sleeping
3. Autumn Romance at The Homestead Inn: Do Nice Guys Finish Last?
4. Winter Kisses at The Homestead Inn: Flirting With The Enemy
5. Spring Fever at The Homestead Inn (Coming March 2022) 

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Let's hear it for book 4 in this series and Emmitt, who finally gets his very own love story!  We're working our way through this whole family of siblings and while each sibling gets their own love story, there is a slow, overarching, building sense of danger.  It's a cool thing and I really like it.  It keeps me coming back for more!

I think Emmitt and Sloane have a great build to their relationship.  It felt natural and believable.  I settled in with the easily and quickly, even knowing how it was all going to blow up.  This Duran family is resourceful and resilient though and they know how to support and help each other.  I really like that strong sense of family in this series.

As stated above, this series is best read in order.  They are all in KU if you have that which is where I picked up this book.  This author is a favorite of mine and I love when she adds some suspense and danger into her books.

Content:  kissing


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