Friday, July 2, 2021

Fly Home to Me (Flying in Love #2) by Chalon Linton


A traffic jam is the last thing Piper Holland has patience for. The dry cleaner’s will soon close, and she really hopes to wear her luxury silk blouse when she pitches her theme to the editors of the magazine she works for. But when she finally sees what’s caused the backup, she feels a pinch of guilt: a man in a military uniform is gallantly pushing a stalled vehicle off the road. Suddenly her rush to the dry cleaner’s seems incredibly unimportant. Fate offers Piper a chance to redeem herself, however, when the handsome good Samaritan crosses her path again.

Gabriel Orsini, a fighter pilot stationed at Luke Air Force Base, seems to be the perfect man, and an assignment at the magazine offers Piper the perfect chance to get to know him better. Her “Day in the Life: Hometown Heroes” article was tailor-made for the bighearted pilot. Before long, their interviews for the article enter date territory, and Piper realizes she’s falling for Gabriel. But her tragic past has taught her one thing: everyone leaves. And the transient lifestyle of a military man leaves her no doubt that Gabriel will eventually abandon her too. With her heart on the line, Piper must decide: is the risk of loss worth the possibility of forever?

Seriously.  I cannot get over the sweetness of Gabriel Orsini.  He is the perfect everything- respectful, kind, attentive, attractive, strong, loyal, patient.  I could probably list a lot more of those adjectives but you would get bored.  haha.  Does Gabriel seem too good to be true?  He almost is.  I mean, there were no imperfections in this book so if you are dreaming up a perfect man, look no further than Gabriel.

There did seem to be an imbalance in this relationship with Gabriel's perfection and Piper's struggling.  Because I didn't get Gabriel's point of view, I'm not exactly sure what attracted him to Piper in such a devoted manner but he was in 100%.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  Piper's journey was one of healing and forgiving.  Her peace came as she shifted her attitude and thinking and reached out in love.  It was satisfying as a reader to watch her finally get over her blame of others and find real peace.

I really enjoyed this book.  It was gentle and sweet.

Content:  Christian fiction, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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