Friday, August 28, 2020

Sea of Starlight (The Riven Kingdoms Book 2) by Shari L. Tapscott

After meeting the mysterious woman of the forest, Rhys and Amalia are left questioning everything they know about the feuding kingdoms’ history, the two royal families that began the war, and their own turbulent relationship.
There is only one place to find answers—in Draegan, the cursed kingdom that lies across the Chasm. Rhys would like more than anything to keep Amalia away from the land of nightmares, sickness, and death, but the princess is determined to cross the rift.

And Rhys is determined to keep Amalia safe…no matter the cost. Even if she will despise him for it before their journey’s end.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Draegan, Rhys’s sister is faced with her own problems. Her father and brother are at odds, dark creatures are finding their way into the fortress castle, and a new prisoner is patiently chipping at the walls Cassia has built around her heart...

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AAAAHHHH!  Ugh.  Waiting is the worst.  I really dislike waiting.  I just finished this book and I'm ready to read the next book right now.  Ending books in a place of no resolution drives me bonkers.  Clearly, I am loving this series or else I really wouldn't care about the next book.

This author is one of my favorite.  I love her adventure stories the best.  This one is mingled with a touch of fantasy and magical elements.  There is a heavy dose of secrets and political intrigue.  Romantic tension is swirling all over and driving me mad in the best of ways.  I was happy to see the addition of Rhys's family into the story.  There is a good balance of plot and characters which helps the story move right along.  Obviously the end came too soon for me and I just want more.  As soon as possible.  Oh, and more kissing too, if all my dreams are coming true.  

This is book two in this series that must be read in order.

Content:  mild peril, kissing

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