Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The House at the End of the Moor by Michelle Griep

What Can a London Opera Star and an Escaped Dartmoor Prisoner Have in Common?
Opera star Maggie Lee escapes her opulent lifestyle when threatened by a powerful politician who aims to ruin her life. She runs off to the wilds of the moors to live in anonymity. All that changes the day she discovers a half-dead man near her house. Escaped convict Oliver Ward is on the run to prove his innocence, until he gets hurt and is taken in by Maggie. He discovers some jewels in her possession—the very same jewels that got him convicted. Together they hatch a plan to return the jewels, clearing Oliver’s name and hopefully maintaining Maggie’s anonymity.

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I am always on the lookout for a new book from Michelle Griep because while her books vary in setting and time, her writing is consistent and I've come to love how her stories flow.  This story was interesting because the voice switches between first person (Maggie) to third (Oliver).  Getting to know them both was a pleasure.

The story progresses steadily and definitely increases in tension and intensity as Maggie and Oliver begin to put together how their life stories intersect.  I couldn't help but feel for Oliver and his unfair plight.  His determination had me rooting for him from the very beginning.  Oliver just never gives up.  I don't know that I would be able to be as strong as him given the same circumstances.  I guess that makes me Oliver's admirer.

Maggie is also strong and courageous.  Because we get a more intimate view of her thoughts from the first person point of view, she was easy to connect to emotionally.  Her fears, her hopes and even her dreams were easy to see.  Maggie is kind and gentle.  I really loved that about her.  I loved how naturally the relationship between Oliver and Maggie developed.  It felt believable and fell comfortably around my heart.  I loved the added intrigue and constant threat of danger.  It added a much needed dimension to propel the story forward.  It was so good!  Oh, and I think the cover is just lovely. 😍

Content:  violence, peril, kissing, Christian elements

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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