Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Winter Companion (Parish Orphans of Devon #4) by Mimi Matthews

She Needed to be Seen...

As a lady’s companion, Clara Hartwright never receives much attention from anyone. And that’s precisely how she likes it. With a stormy past, and an unconventional plan for her future, it’s far safer to remain invisible. But when her new employer is invited to a month-long holiday at a remote coastal abbey, Clara discovers that she may not be as invisible as she'd hoped. At least, not as far as one gentleman is concerned.

He Wanted to be Heard...
Neville Cross has always been more comfortable with animals than people. An accident in his youth has left him with a brain injury that affects his speech. Forming the words to speak to his childhood friends is difficult enough. Finding the right things to say to a lovely young lady’s companion seems downright impossible. But Miss Hartwright is no ordinary companion. In fact, there may not be anything ordinary about her at all.

During a bleak Devon winter, two sensitive souls forge an unexpected friendship. But when Clara needs him most, will Neville find the courage to face his fears? Or is saying goodbye to her the most heroic thing he can do?

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If you are following me on Facebook, Instagram or Goodreads, you will know that Mimi Matthews is my new author obsession.  I started with the first book in this series and then worked my way forward and back.  I have loved all the books.  Did you know that this author does a serial novel- releasing a chapter at a time- in her newsletter?  It's SO good and it's also driving me nuts because one chapter per month is a horrible way to read a novel by this author!!  I lack patience.  If you are interested in Mimi or in joining her newsletter you can do so HERE.

This is the fourth book in this series.  I would recommend reading them in order for your best reading enjoyment.  The characters from previous books play a large role in each book so it has a building feel to it.  This book especially.  All four friends are together for the Christmas holiday and knowing their backstories will really help.

I've been waiting and dreaming of Neville's story.  I knew there would be so much to learn with him.  We've been getting bits and pieces of his childhood accident through the other characters and their stories but it was so nice to actually get the story from Neville himself.  Neville is the most kind and gentle human.  I found him utterly charming and endearing.  I loved how Clara and Neville bond over the animals, each filling a need for the other in the most gentle and easy way.  I also loved the quiet of the barn and how crucial that peace was for Neville as opposed to the gathering inside the house which was louder, more jovial and consequently more oppressive to Neville.  Neville really stretches himself to be with Clara and wow, it is ever satisfying to read.

I loved this book.  I loved Neville.  I love this series.  I love this author. 💙  Don't hate me for using the L word too much.

Content:  there may have been a few instances of mild swearing and profanity (using God or Jesus as an exclamation) but I cannot remember exactly.  There were in previous books so there's a good chance.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book but have purchased my own copy as well.

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  1. I have added this author to my list to try out and just haven't fit her in yet, but obviously I need to. :) Thanks for the review!

    Tressa @ Wishful Endings


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