Friday, February 14, 2020

The Dear Wife (More Than A Wife #3) by Jennifer Peel

She’s been holding on for dear life, now she must learn to let go.

Marathon runner and quintessential wife and mother Avery Decker appears to have it all together. But don’t let her smile fool you. Since the death of her daughter four years ago, she’s been trying to fake her way through life.

So far, it hasn’t worked out so well.

Avery is overwhelmed not only with the grief of losing her daughter, but with the fear that she’ll lose someone else she loves—her husband James. This time not to death, but to the secret demons he’s been using to cope with the loss of their little girl. Day after day she’s been privately battling to save him and their marriage, but it’s only left her exhausted and lonely. Tired of pretending, she turns to the strongest women she knows. Together they help her face the truth and realize that the only person she can save is herself. But will it cost her the person she loves the most? Or will James remember who he is and hold on to the person he holds most dear?

Content warning: This book contains sensitive subject matters including pornography addiction and the loss of a child.

I can honestly say that Jennifer Peel has one crazy, wonderful gift for writing tangible, emotional stories that stay with you long after you finish reading in them.  The way she allows me, as a reader, to become so emotionally invested in not only the story but the characters as well, always leaves me amazed.  I have no idea how she does it but I always end her stories feeling grateful to be a reader.  Not all Jennifer Peel books dig this deep into the difficulties of life but all her books breathe with real emotion.  It's something I've come to count on.

I need to say upfront that this book tackles some real, raw and hard topics.  There are many possible triggers in this book for people.  Please read my content description for a detailed list so you can decide for yourself if this book is right for you.  I will also direct you to the author's page to read what she has to say about writing this book.  Click here.

This book.  Wow.  I had a hard time putting it down.  When I did, I was thinking about it and anxious to get back.  Emotionally, this was not an easy book to read (you should keep tissues on hand) but it is beautifully written and it took me on a journey.  There is a ribbon of hope through the darkest moments and I can honestly say that this book ends in a lovely place of healing and love.  For me, it was a journey worth taking.

Avery is a good person.  Better than I would be in her situation.  I admired her strength even when she felt at her weakest.  It was especially good to see the characters from previous books in this series step in and rally around both Avery and James as family and friends.  

I would say that this book can stand alone but you will have a much stronger connection it if you read the whole series in order.  It will help you have a clear view of the family, their motivations and their history together.

Content:  frequent mild swearing, situations involving pornography- use and addiciton, emotional and verbal affairs, discussion and mention of intimate relations between a husband and wife, loss of a child,  alcohol abuse

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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