Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Vow of Thieves (Dance of Thieves #2) by Mary E. Pearson

Kazi and Jase have survived, stronger and more in love than ever. Their new life now lies before them―the Ballengers will be outlaws no longer, Tor's Watch will be a kingdom, and the two of them will meet all challenges side by side, together at last.

But an ominous warning mars their journey back, and in their rush to return to Tor's Watch, just outside the fortress walls, they are violently attacked and torn apart―and each is thrust into their own new hell.

Unsure whether the other is alive or dead, Kazi and Jase must keep their wits among their greatest enemies and unlikeliest allies. And all the while, Death watches and waits.

Last year I read Dance of Thieves and there was no question that I would be coming back for the next installment in this series and here it is!  Finally!

It took me a quick minute to remember the details of the previous book and get back into the groove of this series but the author did a good job of giving me reminders to jog my memory.  I'm so glad the book started off with Jase and Kazi together so I had that solid relationship foundation to kick things off.  It really helped with all the crazy awful stuff that came next.  

This book is full of political intrigue, deadly games, kings and traitors.  Jase and Kazi spend a majority of the book apart each battling through their own horrible circumstances.  But they are fierce.  Fierce in their love, fierce in their loyalty, and fierce in their will to survive and protect.  They are awesome characters and I couldn't help but be pulled into their world.  I was firmly planted in their corner the whole way through.

I don't think I had a chance to catch my breath this whole book.  It was so full on and constant that I could hardly keep up.  The few times I had to put this book down to "real life", I was thinking about it and longing to get back to reading.  I love when that happens.

This series needs to be read in order.  Jase and Kazi's story wrapped up nicely in this book (it was such a relief to have some good things happen!) but there was definitely an opening left for another story.  Fingers crossed!  :)

Content:  violence, death, torture, swearing. Kissing, mild innuendo.

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