Friday, August 23, 2019

Storm Rising (The Book of the Wars #1) by Ronie Kendig

Once lost to history, the Book of the Wars has resurfaced, and its pages hold ancient secrets and dangers. Former Navy SEAL Leif Metcalfe has been tasked with capturing the ancient text, but a Bulgarian operative snatches it, determined to secure her freedom. When a series of strange storms erupt, they must form an alliance to thwart impending disaster.

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How is this the first book I've read by Ronie Kendig?!?!  I have a couple of her books on my kindle and I've read a ton of good reviews for her books but somehow I just haven't connected and read one myself.  I'm so glad I have now rectified that mistake!  And now that I've been introduced to the world of Ronie Kendig, I'm never going back.  How happy that I have so many books to look forward to.  😃

This book!  Fast paced, action packed, full on, from beginning to end.  Sometimes a girl just needs to sit on the edge of her seat for a whole book, you know?  I really loved the alternating points of view so I really got to know the inner workings of both main characters.  It helped me connect and feel the passion behind their decisions- for better or for worse.  

I have to say that for the first third of the book I had a hard time with all the characters introduced.  It was hard to keep them straight and remember who was who.  There were SO many characters!  Eventually I caught on though and they became more familiar to me.  It's so much easier to fall into a book when you don't have to constantly think about who is who.  

There is so much going on in this book plot wise.  Yes, there is this overarching story about the "book" and the storms, but there are also smaller mysteries going on with different characters.  It definitely kept my mind spinning and thinking!  This is the beginning of a series and this book did not have much resolution.  A little tiny bit.  Now I am left waiting and wondering until the next book comes out.  It kind of makes me glad that I can go back to past books and read through them all without waiting.  The perk of coming in late to the game, I guess.  Waiting is so hard.

Content:  violence, death, peril, abuse, mention of repeat rapes with no details.  Kissing.

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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