Monday, July 29, 2019

Don't Fall for Trouble (Rockford High #2) by Victorine E. Lieske

Jessica knew he was trouble. Too bad her heart didn't get the message.

Christian Black was the ultimate bad boy. He'd spent time in juvie. And Jessica's father was the deputy county attorney. He would freak if he knew she was spending time with him. Too bad she has no choice. Being paired up with him for a science project wasn't her idea.

But when he touches her the world spins and her heart melts. She's got it bad for the bad boy.

Christian likes Jessica, but can't allow himself to fall for her. He's leaving Rockford as soon as he can get his sister to a safe place. He's got plans, and they don't include falling in love.

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Do you believe that opposites attract?  Christian and Jessica appear to be opposites in every way but cannot deny an interest and attraction especially as they start working together on a school project.  I loved how Jessica realizes there is more to Christian than she believes and begins to understand his motivations.  Christian is definitely misunderstood.  It made him the underdog all the way through and I love to root for a good underdog.  Apparently, so does Jessica who is an excellent supporter and defender of Christian once she comes to know him- despite her overprotective father!

This is a fun (and quick) young adult high school age romance.  Christian and Jessica are great characters and I enjoyed their story.  I kind of wish it would have lasted a bit longer!

Content:  some sneaking out, kissing, mention of physical abuse

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