Friday, May 3, 2019

Knights of Obsidian (Obsidian Queen #3) by Shannon Lynn Cook

It’s been a rough couple of days for twenty-two-year-old Madeline Bennet, the newest (and most reluctant) member of Gray’s renowned team of knight marshals. Not only did her shadow creatures create a forest fire that’s burning down western Colorado, but she has no idea where to find the thresholds so she can send the beasts back to the land from which they came. (Or even how to open them.)

On top of that, her parents have figured out something is amiss with her magic, Rafe has taken off on a wild pixie chase, and the status of her relationship with a certain too-hot-to-handle member of her team is firmly seated in the region of “it’s complicated.”

What Madeline needs is a good, old-fashioned vacation, even if it comes in the form of a job. With her hairless cat in tow, she heads to Las Vegas with the guys, desperately hoping the shadow creatures will stay in hiding long enough for her sort through her feelings, find answers to her questions about her Obsidian magic, and catch a magic-thieving criminal prowling the largest fashion convention of the year.

If she gets a chance to buy a few pairs of heels to replace the ones that went up in smoke, that would be all right too.

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This is a series that I have been wanting more of since finishing the first book.  I'm now on book three and I still want more.  It's really hard to wait.  There isn't much resolution in each book but the characters are growing and changing as they encounter each new circumstance and adventure.  There is a whole cast of entertaining characters in this series that I feel as though I know.  They are distinct, vibrant and so much fun.

I love the great forward momentum in this book.  The action and mystery is perfectly balanced with dialogue and romance.  It makes for such a great combination- one I have a hard time putting down or getting enough of.  I am now in the same position I was before I started this book.  Waiting for more.  And not very patiently.  

This is a YA/NA paranormal/adventure series.  It really should be read in order.  This book and series is on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.  Happy reading!

Content:  peril, mild violence, death, kissing, mild innuendo

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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