Monday, October 29, 2018

The Rogue Warrior (Navy SEAL Romances 2.0) by Cindy Roland Anderson

His job was to protect her, not fall in love with her. 

When Logan Steele is hired to protect an archery champion who is being stalked, the former SEAL automatically assumes his client is a man. Then he meets Weslee Campbell, a beautiful woman with the prettiest light blue eyes he’s ever looked into, and he knows his life is about to change forever. That is, if his fear doesn’t get the best of him. For a man who has faced enemy insurgents, rescued innocent people in the line of fire, and piloted a helicopter without experience to save his SEAL team, he shouldn’t be afraid of anything…yet meeting a pretty girl with a heart of gold has him questioning if he’s brave enough to fall in love.

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Oh.  Oy.  This book was filled with the zingiest attraction and the yummiest kisses.  Ooh la.  Yes.  This just might be my new favorite book by Cindy Roland Anderson.  It definitely hit my sweet spot for romance!

This author has a way of weaving stories and creating characters that just speak to my happy place.  There is always great dialogue, moments that make me smile and that great build up of emotions and attraction that pull me in from the very beginning pages.

I loved the first meet for Logan and Weslee!  It really set the tone for the whole book.  Weslee is so sweet, so kind.  It was easy to like her and to feel for her.  Logan was all man, all the time.  His protective nature was sexy and I was all in.  

One of the things I love about this author is her book covers.  She really puts in all the effort to make them unique with her own photos, and to make sure they represent what you will find inside the book.  I'm going to include a little bit about what the author said about this particular book cover because I really love the story behind the cover here.

"Shooting the cover of the book was so much fun. I know there aren't any cute shoes, but you can't ever go wrong with a nice-looking guy with some serious muscles! My first ever male cover model was awesome to work with...especially with his cute wife there to help get the perfect picture. Notice the two thin bracelets he's wearing? Trevor's daughters made them for him a while ago and he hasn't taken them off, so I certainly wasn't going to make him cut them off! At first, we thought we'd cover them up but then I decided to add them into my storyline, and they became such an integral part of the story, making it so much better. I can't wait for you all to read it!" 

So fun, right?  I just loved this book- from cover to cover.  😍💗

Content:  kissing, mild peril and violence

- I bought a copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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