Friday, April 27, 2018

Say You Love Me (Pine Valley #3) by Heather B. Moore

Clara Benson is not looking for a relationship, especially not after her losing her teaching position, followed by a disastrous breakup with her fiancé, and the sudden death of the grandma who raised her. In fact, Clara picks up and moves to escape her mess of memories. She hopes that Pine Valley will be the perfect place to heal from heartache.

When she meets her boss’s lawyer, Dawson Harris, Clara can’t deny her attraction. Yet she’s determined to choose herself, and her healing, over a guy who might be charming, attractive, and oh, so appealing. Easy, right? But when Dawson becomes the one person who can straighten out her mess, she realizes that finding herself doesn’t have to be mean losing Dawson.

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I've been waiting for this story since the very beginning of this series!  I'm so glad Dawson stepped into the limelight with this book but man, did his story tug at my heartstrings.  Poor Dawson was put through the emotional ringer but it was awesome to see him emerging like a butterfly into something better.  Clara is in a similar place but somehow it was Dawson that really captured my attention and my heart.  I loved how gentle and patient he was with Clara and how hard he tried.  It was endearing.

I'm have loved this Pine Valley series and I'm sort of bummed that I'm not getting more of them.   Maybe if I beg for a few more?  Also, I have series cover love for all the books in this series.  Isn't this cover fantastic?  The fonts, the pop of red.  Love.  This book falls into my easy reading, contemporary romance genre.  It's where I go when I want to escape. 

Content:  clean, kissing

- I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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