Thursday, March 29, 2018

Love Songs and Lullabies by Amy Vastine

Their engagement is a sham...  But their baby-to-be isn't! Country music stars Sawyer Stratton and Piper Starling are headed for the top of the charts. But then their course shifts unexpectedly...toward parenthood! The only way to keep Piper's pregnancy from making the wrong headlines is to set the proverbial date. But how can Piper go through with a fake engagement when her feelings for Sawyer are anything but?

I've been following and reading this series from the very beginning and I keep coming back because I just love it.  In all of the books, one or more of the characters are musicians.  It's so fun!  Characters from previous books make appearances in this book and I love the feeling of familiarity that comes from that.

 In this book Sawyer and Piper are reconnecting after a break up.  They shared a love and a relationship at one point but they separated and now that Piper knows she is pregnant, they have no choice but to reconnect.  Second chance at first love stories are some of my favorites.  Piper and Sawyer still have feelings for each other but both are wary and afraid to put themselves out there to be hurt.  With lives in the limelight, they have to be careful and for Piper, that means thinking about all the people that work for her as well.  The struggle is real and even though both Piper and Sawyer are figuring out their own issues, I loved the way they showed care and concern for each other. 

This was a good story and I read through it so quickly, always rooting for Piper and Sawyer to figure things out and get to the good stuff.  😊  In the end, it's the music that helps bring them together.  Music is powerful.

Content:  mention of previous intimate relations that result in pregnancy (no details), kissing 

- I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher at my request.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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