Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Poetic Justice by H.B. Moore

Justice comes in all types, but justice always comes.

Claire Vetra is looking for two men. The first man she’ll kill. The second man she’ll also kill—after she makes him watch as she destroys everything he’s ever built.

This is only the start of her revenge against the World Alliance Order, which held her hostage for a year and subjected her to live human testing in the name of medical science.

But when Claire begins to unravel her past, she discovers that unlocking the memories of what happened to her might destroy the remaining shreds of her sanity.

This book is part of the Murder and Mayhem boxed set which is what the Amazon above is linked to.  I believe it will be released as a stand alone at a later date.

I think my stomach was clenched for the majority of this book.  It had me on edge and cringing.  Intense!  Are there really humans out there that do these sort of things to other humans?!  I'm sure there are and it just makes me sick.  I did feel kind of sick at some points of this book but I'm a lightweight when it comes to thrillers like this.  This one had me walking the edge of what I can tolerate.  Yes.  Lightweight.

Claire is amazing.  So smart, so savvy.  After all she has been through it's so surprising that she has even a shred of humanity left.  That's strength.  The book jumps back and forth between the present and varying places in the past until the two collide.  It's a crazy ride and you will absolutely love to hate the bad guy.  He is pure evil.  Ooh, I get the shivers just thinking about him.

And, I have to say, after reading this book, I'm glad I am not a gifted intellectual brainiac because that's what Claire is and look what it got her!  I think I'm perfectly content to be average me- just smart enough.  ;)

Content:  sexual relations outside of marriage with no details, rape described with minimal details leading up to it, swearing (too much for me), violence, torture

- I received a copy of this book from the author.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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