Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lady of Breken Manor by Heather B. Moore

No lady can steal a loyal man from his fiancé, but what if that lady is a ghost?

Lady Charlotte is bored. So bored that when the owner of her manor in Scotland dies, she actually looks forward to haunting, uh, meeting the new owner. Too bad he’s engaged. Because if he weren’t, and if Charlotte could get him to fall in love with her, then the curse would finally be broken.

What curse, you ask? The curse that keeps Charlotte confined to an ancient manor decade after decade, playing parlor tricks on unsuspecting visitors. If only being a ghost weren’t so tedious, Charlotte might actually enjoy her life-slash-death. But the new owner is making her rethink her entire existence.

LADY OF BREKEN MANOR will be released in the Secret Legends Boxed Set on September 12, 2017. Secret Legends will be available only for a limited time at the low price of 99 cents.

LADY OF BREKEN MANOR will be then moved to an individual release in December 2017.

How fun was this book!!??  I love reading romance books with a little twist off "normal".  I mean, a boy falling in love with a ghost?  He never touched her, he never kissed her.  He only spoke with her but the connection was forged and there was no going back.  There were plenty of moments in this book that made me smile and then there was Sean.  Oh, hello Sean.  Guy in love with the ghost.  You may think he's a titch off in the head but I'm telling you that he has some awesome swoony moments.  I loved his devotion to Lady Charlotte.

I wish this book would have been longer.  At novella length, everything happens so fast.  I wanted to stay and wallow around.  That's a sure sign of an engaging book!  I expected nothing less from Heather Moore though.  She is fantastic at writing in many different genres.  This one is the perfect light-hearted, paranormal romance.

Content:  clean, a couple instances of mild swearing

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