Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kiss Me in the Rain (Destined for Love: Mansions) by Lindzee Armstrong

Will she risk the home she treasures for the man she loves? 

Cypress Grove has always been a treasured constant in Layla's perfect life. Now the mansion will be sold to the highest bidder if she doesn’t date an investor's son. The problem? The man she really wants just rolled into town.

Tyler is done being responsible and never going after what he wants. Layla's finally given him the courage to quit grad school and use his student loans to flip houses. And he's decided to move near Cypress Grove to do it.

When Layla happens upon suspicious ledgers at the mansion, her family's financial woes take a sinister turn. As Tyler and Layla work together to find the culprit, the attraction between them threatens to burst into flames. But admitting their feelings could spell disaster for Cypress Grove.

I think I'm going to love this new Destined for Love series with the theme of mansions!  The last series set in Europe was so fun and this series has a great line up of authors.  I'm hoping to be able to read then all in the next couple months.  Fingers crossed!

I had the chance to meet Lindzee Armstrong this summer.  How fun is that?!  We met at an author/blogger dinner.  There is nothing better as a blogger/reviewer than meeting authors whose books you love.  Right?!  Here's a picture from that night.  Also included in this picture is Lucinda Whitney who has a book in this series as well!  (Lindzee is on the far left, Lucinda on the far right, me next to Lucinda)

Kiss Me in the Rain follows a couple that we meet in a previous book, Kiss Me in the Moonlight.  It sets the stage for this book although I don't think you need to read the first book to understand the second.  But, as with all books in a series, you will probably feel more of a connection to the characters if you do.

Layla and Tyler have a few bumps to get over in this book.  It's a frustrating sort of attraction because neither of them can act on the feelings they have.  Instead each of them is trying to be close to the other in small ways while they try to work things out.  I loved the sparks between Layla and Tyler and the frustrated attraction.  There is also a bit of mystery intertwined in the story line that kept things interesting.  I loved the romantic ending!  It was worth all the frustration.  :)

This story was easy to picture in my head.  I love when I can read books and fall into a movie as well.  I can't wait to read the next book in this series!  Hopefully next week!

Books in the Destined for Love: Mansions Collection
—Kiss Me in the Rain by Lindzee Armstrong
—Roping His Heart by Jaclyn Hardy
—The Princess and the Pizza Man by Cassie Mae
—Mending Fences by Lorin Grace
—Love Me at Sunset by Lucinda Whitney
—Saving Her Plantation by Cami Checketts

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