Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Fair Gentleman by Nancy Campbell Allen

In this Regency twist of My Fair Lady, Jack would rather be at sea than fixing the mistakes of his grandfather, the late Earl of Stansworth. Instead, he finds that inheriting his grandfather's wealth and title—and securing the welfare of his sister and mother—means joining the ranks of high society and living with the aristocracy. Luckily, Ivy Carlisle, the granddaughter of a dear friend of Jack's late grandmother, is willing to teach him etiquette and properly introduce him into society. Jack soon learns that his challenge isn't surviving his new lifestyle but surviving the conspiracies against him—as well as keeping himself from falling madly in love with his new tutor.

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I'm so, so happy to be a part of reading and reviewing the Proper Romance line from Shadow Mountain this year!  There are some fantastic books coming and well, it just makes me happy.  Nancy Campbell Allen starts this year off perfectly with her regency twist on My Fair Lady.  

In this story, the roles are reversed and Lady Ivy has embarked on a daring quest to help the new Earl of Stansworth adjust to his title and responsibilities.  It is a daunting task because the new Earl (Jack) doesn't want any part of what lies ahead.

Ivy is a lively, kind and intelligent lady but suppressed by the ridiculous rules of society.    Her new task in helping the Earl and his family gives her life and purpose.  I love how kind Ivy is, how gently she deals with people.  Her own experiences give her compassion.

Jack is angry and defiant to begin the story.  He lashes out frequently but his storm cannot withstand Ivy's calm.  His transformation is quite satisfying.  

This book is romance but it has a bit of intrigue as well.  Someone is out to kill Jack and so it lends another layer to the story.  I am so hoping that Jack's sister has the next story.  I sense some fun things happening for her!

I loved this book.  It was all things happy to me.  

Content:  Clean!

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  1. I love the Proper Romance line! It's so nice to have a good story with a real romance in it, not just lust being passed off as love.

    So glad you loved this book so much! I've got it on my TBR too. :)

    Dena @ Batch of Books


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