Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trouble in Loveland by Jennifer Peel

Charlee Jensen had what she considered the idyllic childhood growing up in a town named for that most prized emotion of all, Loveland, Colorado. At seventeen, her teenage crush, a man eight years older than her, marries and she naively thinks this is the worst thing that would ever happen to her. Then her parents divorce and her world crumbles. She finds herself being whisked away from her beloved home and estranged from her father.

Now eight years later, with two degrees that she never wanted in hand, and no job prospects, her father offers her a position with his CPA firm. With no other options available, Charlee accepts his offer and returns to the hometown she loved. While rebuilding her relationship with her father, she discovers that perhaps a romantic relationship is in the cards for her, with her old teenage crush, Ryan Carter, who just happens to still live next door and is now a partner in her father’s CPA firm.

Newly divorced and single dad, Ryan Carter, isn’t quite sure what to make of the girl next door, who’s all woman now. He finds himself having a hard time resisting this beautiful yet annoyingly charming woman, but their age difference and his complicated relationship with his ex-wife cause quite a bit of trouble for the couple. Ryan finds himself torn between keeping the peace with his ex-wife and mother of his child and his feelings for Charlee.

Can they successfully overcome their troubles in Loveland? Find out in this clean romance filled with sparks, humor, and of course, a little bit of trouble.

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I love, love, loved this book!  It was fun and flirty and it made me happy.  I ended the book with a smile on my face.  I feel like I  know the characters and I might be a little in love with them all.  Jennifer is one of my favorite new authors and I've enjoyed every one of her books.  They all have a different feel about them but I think this one was my favorite so far.  Yup.  I'm calling it.  Trouble in Loveland = Favorite.

This book had moments that just made me snicker and giggle.  It also had a moment that made me tear up a bit.  By far, my favorite thing in this book was the references to Charlee's butterflies.  You know, the ones in her stomach whenever Ryan came around?  Those butterflies are so funny.  I don't know why but I was so highly amused by them but I was.  Here are a few example of what I am talking about.  The last one if my favorite.  :)

He looked up at me with those passionate eyes, and the butterflies said, Ahhh.

"Thanks for the dance last night."  The butterflies in my stomach felt like throwing up.  "My pleasure."

The butterflies were beyond excited and swearing like sailors.

"What are you doing here?"  The butterflies in my stomach said, "Who cares? Yay, our Ryan's here."

The only trouble I had with this book was when it ended.  boo.  But the ending was good, so yay!  Hurry up Jennifer, and write me another book, okay?  I'll be right here waiting. . .

This is a clean romance.  The main characters have a brief conversation about waiting until marriage to be intimate.  There is one instance of mild swearing.

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  1. I'm happy you loved the book! Thanks for the terrific review!


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