Thursday, September 4, 2014

Up to Date (Better Date Than Never series, #8) by Susan Hatler

(Better Date than Never series, Book #8)

Ginger donates her decorating services to a charity auction and now must work for the one man with the power to break her heart.

I'm going to start with a paragraph of LOVE.  

I love this series.  I love Susan Hatler.  I love finding a new book in my inbox at random from Susan Hatler.  It means a lovely diversion is on it's way to my brain!

The Better Date Than Never series is so fun.  It is a series of short romance stories, each with a new character but not really "new" as we've met the characters in previous books and keep them as friends in subsequent books.  It's awesome.

Ginger is the lead character in "Up to Date" and she is a lot of fun.  Ginger is wary of love, bored in her job and wishing for something more.  Then her whole worlds takes a turn- for the worst?  For the best?  It's pretty much up to Ginger to decide!

Susan always provides readers with a quick romantic getaway with these Date books.  They are fun and light hearted.  You can polish one off in one evening and the end will leave you with smile on your face.  What more could you ask for?!

You can purchase "Up to Date" at Amazon.

Oh, and if you want to give one of the books in this series a try you can pick up book #4, Save the Date, on Amazon for free.  (at least it was when I wrote this!)  Title is linked.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thx for reading!! I'm glad you enjoyed Ginger's story. Xoxo!!


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