Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Strength of Ballerinas by Nancy Lorenz + $25 Giveaway!

All Kendra wants to do is dance for the Manhattan Dance Company. So when her family’s forced to move to California, her dreams of auditioning are shattered. Still determined to dance, Kendra faces social isolation and family pressures in her new home. But when she’s diagnosed with a debilitating illness, Kendra must decide which dreams are worth fighting for.

I haven't had much exposure to the world of ballerinas but I do love watching them dance.  There is something so delicate to ballet.  Obviously, ballet takes a great deal of dedication and hard work.  That I do know but I've never experienced it first hand.

Kendra is young and growing up quickly.  Life has dealt her many challenges.  Her mother passed away, her brother is autistic, her dad gets laid off and is forced to move across the country.  Kendra faces a new home, a new school and struggles to give up her dream of dancing with the Manhattan Dance Company.  Then, on top of it all, Kendra learns she has an illness that can be quite debilitating- especially as a dancer.  

Most of the book is Kendra's journey through tough things.  It's a good story that inspires all those "don't give up" feelings.  I was rooting for Kendra, hoping she would figure things out and find a place within herself that she was at peace.

This is a gentle book.  There are no heart pounding moments, no real romance and no climactic build-up but it is still compelling and endearing.

I think young teenage girls who love dance will be especially interested in this book.  

You can purchase "The Strength of Ballerinas" at Amazon and Cedar Fort.  It releases today!

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