Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Witch Rising by Amber Argyle + Release Day for Witch Fall

A ship burns, sinking into the dark sea. There is only one survivor—a child hunted for the power of her song. Hidden away on an isolated island, Lilette buries her power deep, convinced it caused the deaths of those she loves.

But she can’t run from who she is. And when her secret is revealed, the only thing that can save her is her song. It’s time to rise up and become what she was always meant to be: the most powerful witch ever born.

This is a short book- I read through it super fast and I was actually a bit disappointed when it ended.  I'm ready to read Witch Fall which is being released today!

Witch Rising is a prequel to Witch Fall.  Witch Fall is the third book in this Witch Song series.

The author, Amber Argyle has a real gift for writing.  Her stories come alive off the pages and into my mind.  They are haunting and mystical.  Kind of like the cover of this book looks to me.  I really enjoyed this little snippet into Lilette's world- her beginning and her heartache.  In just a few short chapters I was once again sucked into the Witch world.  So, so good.

You can find Witch Rising HERE.

You can find Witch Fall HERE.

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