Friday, January 3, 2014

Blue Ridge Set Up by Kimberly Rae

Not him. Anybody but him.

When Kayla’s great-aunt Lavender, an eccentric romance novelist, invites Kayla to come live with her in the Blue Ridge Mountains for the summer, Kayla accepts. No one will know her there. No one will be disappointed in her failure.  A failure she had kept a secret until Ryan Cummings destroyed her dreams.

What Kayla does not know is that her aunt attends Ryan Cumming’s church and has decided Ryan and Kayla would make wonderful characters for her latest novel. Aunt Lavender hires Ryan to build additions to her property, making sure he will be around as long as Kayla is.

Neither Kayla nor Ryan have any desire to be set up. However, as Kayla battles feelings of worthlessness—started when health problems got her sent home from the mission field—a friendship grows and blossoms, one that may become a reflection of the perfect love, the love that casts out fear, that Kayla has always longed to know.

Obviously, as you can read from the blurb above, this is a Christian Fiction novel.  It is also a very sweet romance that builds slowly.  Kayla is struggling with a lot of different things.  She develops a severe health problem that impacts everything she does.  I actually really liked that Kayla had this health issue.  It made her real and vulnerable and allowed me to connect with her on a different level.

Kayla has some deep insecurities which get in the way her happiness sometimes.  It was a journey of growth and understanding facilitated by the love of a good man- Ryan.  I loved that Kayla and Ryan's relationship started out a bit rocky and developed into a friendship of sorts before moving farther.  

Sometimes we have ideas, goals and hopes for life that get derailed by, well, life.  One thing this book magnifies is that even though life may derail what you thought you wanted, you can take what you are given and still find purpose and meaning.  Change plans, find a new focus.  Sometimes what you end up getting can be even better than what you thought you wanted.  :)

I really enjoyed this book.  It was sweet and had a great happily ever after ending.  

There were some very Christian moments of theology and talk of God.  It is a Christian fiction book after all.  :)

My thanks to Astraea Press for allowing me to read and review for them.  They are a great publisher to work with.

You can purchase "Blue Ridge Set Up" at Amazon.

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